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URBT Taps Kimberly Douglas To Head Crypto Mining Operations

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Urban Television Network Corp Stock Symbol URBT Taps Kimberly Douglas To Head Crypto Mining Operations

Urban Television Network Corp Stock Symbol URBT Taps Kimberly Douglas To Head Crypto Mining Operations

Kimberly’s years of experience and work in the crypto space makes her a perfect choice for the role.

Los Angeles, California: The leading name in urban entertainment, Urban Television Network Corp (stock symbol: URBT) is pleased to announce that it has tapped Kimberly Douglas to lead its crypto mining operations when it launches on November 1, 2021. Kimberly was chosen for this role due to her history in cryptocurrency mining, digital money advocacy, and participation in the larger community.

As part of the initial launch, URBT will kick off with 200 miners, high-powered computer systems, mining under the watchful eyes of Ms. Douglas and her new team. These miners will mine Bitcoin and Ethereum exclusively and will be placed in strategic geographic locations with  temperatures, humidity, and weather patterns that make it safe to mine and do not contribute negatively to our ecosystem.

URBT Taps Kimberly Douglas To Head Crypto Mining Operations

Kimberly Douglas is an early adopter in the cryptocurrency space and an advocate for mass adoption, specifically in the push to bank the unbanked and bring them into the fold of the global economy. She recognizes the potential freedom that a decentralized system of value transfer can afford.

In 2015, she began her first coin mining operation, which launched her interest in fully understanding the industry. As such, she gained her certification in cryptocurrencies in 2018 from University of Nicosia under the tutelage of world-renowned expert, Andreas Antonopoulos.

While seeking to build blockchains and mine private coins, she proceeded to mine several different iterations independently. She has participated in multiple ICO’s, IPO’s and blockchain and mining conferences around the country.

Ms. Douglas was an avid supporter of Mayor Francis Suarez’s opening of The Miami Bitcoin Center in 2019, and she currently holds a position on the board of Bloktech Network, a Miami-based firm that builds smarter communities by facilitating cryptocurrency education and engaging in asset management.

Kimberly Douglas’ vision is to see a world where financial assets reside on electronic ledgers, and activities such as digital entertainment, fiscal transactions, and the global economy could be largely automated. Her core focus will be to secure energy infrastructure for the build-out of cryptocurrency mining and data center operations.

Ms. Douglas comments, “It will be my pleasure to join forces with URBT network as it breaks into the cryptocurrency markets. The next few years are going to be huge. Digital assets are quickly becoming integrated into the existing framework of financial services, and it is critical we have the tools in place to provide our users, clients, and partners with solutions for their increasing digital needs. The things we do today physically, now translate to the digital world ensuring huge efficiencies.”

CEO of URBT, Joseph Collins, comments, “To generate greater value to shareholders, our management team underwent a thoughtful process of exploring, researching, studying, and discussing, with the board’s support, to enter into the cryptocurrency mining business. We are excited to welcome Ms. Douglas to spearhead this new business.”

“We expect that with her industry expertise, combined with our strategy for growth, she will lead our expansion plan into the cryptocurrency mining industry. Going forward, we expect Urban Television Network Corp will expand operations to include not just cryptocurrency mining but rig construction and maintenance, and other cryptocurrency financial operations.”

With Kimberly Douglas to lead URBT’s crypto mining efforts, the company showcases itself as a modern crypto mining entity that seeks to revolutionize the financial and entertainment industry as we know it. This move is sure to introduce the company to the cryptocurrency space, boost revenue, drive growth, and help optimize its range of product offerings, which will transition to being backed by cryptocurrencies.

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