May 20, 2022



Urban TV Network scores major victory by acquiring 150 live international channels for its new streaming app URBTPlus

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Live Streaming channels URBTPlus

Live Streaming channels URBTPlus

Los Angeles, CA- With the acquisition of more than 150 live international channels from around the world, Urban Television Network Corp. (OTCMKTS:URBT) is bringing its users an all new streaming experience with URBTPlus. At the low monthly rate of $9.98 and with the new mobile app launching, Urban Television Network is dedicating all its resources to URBTPlus’s debut in the mobile streaming market. 

“We’re going those extra miles to provide the best product for our customers,” Joseph Collins, CEO of Urban Television Network Corp. (OTCMKTS:URBT), said. “We’ve got rich, diverse content on an effortless streaming platform. We’re ready to go out and win. Now it’s time to come get a piece of this pie.”

URBTPlus provides a streaming experience like no other, featuring live channels in multiple languages like Spanish, Mandarin, Bolkan, Serbian and more. These channels offer access to prestigious day-time talk shows, international news and countless telenovelas. Also among it’s lineup, URBTPlus also features video on demand movies, iconic TV series and live sporting events.  Cut the cord and watch international live tv without cable no matter where you are in the world.

URBTPlus offers its full library of content for a monthly rate of $9.98 or a yearly subscription of $110.10. Users gain access to URBTPlus’s library of completely ad-free content as well as their full lineup of live channels from around the world. Each subscription allows up to three user profiles so the whole family can enjoy unlimited streaming. Click here to subscribe today.

Urban Television Network Corp. (OTCMKT: URBT) is working around the world to provide the largest selection of live international channels, movies and TV series. As the company prepares to file its first annual financials since 2006, URBT could be an excellent growth strategy for investors with a long-term view.

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About Urban Television Network: (OTCMKTS:URBT) is an innovative media company focused on providing top-quality content for its consumers. Backed by thirty-four years in the broadcast industry, URBTPlus is dedicated to providing a diverse range of material for the whole family.

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Marketing Assistant for Urban Television Network
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