May 20, 2022



Marketing visionaries lead the streaming renaissance at URBTPlus

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Marketing Visionaries URBTPlus

Marketing Visionaries URBTPlus

Urban Television Network (OTCMKTS: URBT) recently appointed University of Hawai’i graduate Alana Laheney as the Marketing Assistant on the URBT marketing team.  In the teams respective positions they will oversee the marketing endeavors of the company’s new streaming service, URBTPlus, all while revolutionizing the media experience with a fresh millennial mindset. They will be responsible for Urban TV Network’s promotional branding and strategic marketing and are spearheading the Refer-a-Friend program debuting on URBTPlus.

The Refer-a-Friend program is available to everyone interested in joining this partnership.  Affiliates can earn cash for every friend who successfully joins URBTPlus through a referral. The URBTPlus Refer-a-Friend portal automatically generates links for the program that users can then share through any social media platform. The program also features a Progress Portal where users can check their impressions, links, and balances in real-time. 

“Urban TV Network is set to accelerate its growth by providing top of the line content to our customers. Our focus is to give them the best experience and keep URBTPlus on everyone’s mind,” Alana said.

This team is experienced in digital marketing, UX design and promotional branding in the entertainment industry with mindsets designed for problem-solving and campaign planning. They will address projects with their results-oriented, data-driven point of views, backing all of their decisions with research and examples of successful strategies and their creativity inspired by social events, marketing campaigns, and their love of movies.

“As we prepare to raise $500 million in new funding for the company, we’re looking at the Refer-a-Friend program as one of the driving forces in this new gig economy which could create opportunities,” Joseph Collins, CEO of Urban Television Network (OTCMKT: URBT), said. “This appointment is a step in Urban Television Network’s path to success. We’re excited about building our team and these two are going to be the catalyst. They are talented individuals and their new ideas are going to help make Urban TV Network and URBTPlus stand out in the marketplace.”

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