May 20, 2022



“The Equity Partners” now a part of URBTPlus library

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The Equity Partners

The plot to rob a Wall Street executive takes a mind-blowing twist in “The Equity Partners”

Los Angeles, CA: URBTPlus, the streaming service under Urban TV Network has added “The Equity Partners” to its online library. Subscriptions for the streaming service are available on and an app is available to download now. The app will enable unlimited streaming of URBTPlus’s media library, anytime, anywhere.

“The Equity Partners,” released in 2012, is an action short film written, directed and composed by Alex Chu and was produced by Red Turtle Industries. It follows a vigilante partnership between a former litigator, “Darvish,” played by Eric Charles Jorgenson and unemployed accountant and ex-Marine, “Lee,” played by Jim Lau. Fed up with the “Occupy Wall Street” movement in 2011, they decide to rob millions from an investment banking executive all in the name of justice. However, things don’t go as planned when the executive decides he’s not going down quietly. Find out what happens by subscribing today.

“The Equity Partners” is one of many movies available on URBTPlus. Alongside an enormous roster of iconic films, URBTPlus offers an endless selection of TV shows. URBTPlus is also the first streaming service to feature live international channels in languages including Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese and Arabic at your fingertips.

Backed by 34 years in the entertainment industry, URBTPlus is a dynamic media company. These years of experience have allowed Urban TV Network to dominate the entertainment industry and will enable URBTPlus to excel in both national and international streaming markets. With a commitment to introducing a new era of entertainment, URBTPlus is improving the overall quality of mobile streaming and providing top notch entertainment for the whole family.

Click here to subscribe and watch “The Equity Partners” today.

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