January 27, 2022



5 Halloween Movies Streaming Now

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Looking for something spooky to watch?  Creep it Real and watch these 5 Spooktacular movies streaming now on URBT Plus.

Scream and stream this Halloween and watch some of our favorites that will really give you the Heebie-Jeebies. These 5 movies will make you turn your night light on.

The Witching (2016) Run Time: 1 hr 16 min

Members of the popular Podcast named the Witching Hour take an adventure into the woods. With Halloween only hours away, they gather to swap scary stories in the dark. They teenagers venture to the Woodland Valley Witch murder site and barely make it out alive.

Borderline (2017) Run Time: 1 hr 37 min

577On the tenth year anniversary of their mother’s death, two estranged sisters head to a mountain to scatter her ashes. As they struggle to reconcile, their past begins merging into their present, causing them both to become increasingly paranoid. Watch these sisters try to run from their past in Borderline.

Blood Prism (2016) Run Time: 1 hr 16 min

A successful art gallery coordinator, living a double life as a serial killer, preys on the hopeless as she attempts to find meaning behind the voices she hears. When she begins to fall in love with a depressed comic artist, she is torn between her heart and the voices in her head.

Stories of the Subconscious Mind (2018) Running Time: 10 min

This short film follows psychiatrist Alice Davenport and her unique ability to travel into the subconscious of others. When Carter Brooke, a young man with severe depression, wanders into her office she has no reason to think his psych will be any different from the ones she’s already helped. However, once inside, she quickly realizes his mind is like no other

Marabunta (1998) Run Time: 1 hr 35 min

Creepy-crawly critters are sure to freak anyone out. Marabunta takes place in South America where critters are nothing short of an infestation. Killer ants take over an entire town, slowly eating the flesh of its people and leaving one family a decision of a lifetime.

Don’t be scared. Stream all of these movies now on urbtplus.net

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