May 20, 2022



Top 5 Stocks Every Investor Should Have In Their Portfolio

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The impact of the Coronavirus and market changes means you should start reconsidering some of the best performing stock options

Coronavirus may have battered down stock prices, but there has never been a better time to start considering investing in an environment ripe with opportunities. If you want rest assured that you are investing in a company that will reward you greatly in the future, then consider these 5 stocks.

Another stock to look at now is Microsoft (MSFT). Due to the impressive growth of its Azure cloud computing business, this stock is going to keep rising. Cloud-based platforms such as Teams and Microsoft 365 are predicted to deliver additional growth going forward. Whether it is from game-changing acquisitions, or via stock buybacks or dividends, this stable cash cow remains one of the best stocks for you.

Procter and Gamble (PG) Stocks should be on any investor’s buy list too. This stock is relatively stable compared to many others as it remains resilient, especially during economic downturns like this. As one of the most stable, strong, and high yielding stocks, PG is one to invest in right now.

Amazon (AMZN) is thriving in the middle of a recession. Besides not requiring a brick and mortar store to make money, Amazon’s popular video game streaming service Twitch and Cloud Infrastructure Services make it a juggernaut that excels through any economic situation.

Finally, if you haven’t thought of investing in a streaming service, then you should. And what better company is there than Urban Television Network Corp. (OTCMKTS: URBT). URBT is ushering in a new and exciting era in the television experience and with it massive opportunities for growth. Now that most of us are spending more time at home and turning to our TV and mobile devices for entertainment, the demand for TV streaming services is out the roof and URBT is meeting this need with exceptional programs curated for diverse demography. There has never been a greater time to invest in a media company. URBT Plus is poised to take a slice out of the streaming pie. This is an opportunity that investors should be incredibly excited about.

Urban Television Network Corp says: “Many retail investors are investing in companies we are all turning to that help us weather the COVID-19 storm such as our streaming service URBT Plus, delivery services like Amazon, video calling services like Zoom and so on.” They add, “We advise investors to always take a long-term view and consider adding a stock that has high yield potential and with URBT in their portfolio, they can rest assured of that”Enjoy attractive shows, exciting and multicultural programming, and broadscale technology expertise with URBT by clicking the link

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