January 27, 2022



Urban Television Network Rolls Out New Streaming App

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Urban Television Network Launching New Streaming Application URBT Plus (OTC: URBT)

Urban TV is transforming Global Entertainment and TV streaming with a new and exciting app, URBT Plus.

Los Angeles, California: Urban Television Network is proud to announce the introduction of its new streaming platform URBT Plus. URBT Plus is creating a new era of television experience with a global appeal. URBT Plus is bringing video on demand and live television to its exceptional streaming platform. 

Built on the backbone of Amazon technology with over 5,000 movies and 20 live streaming television channels, URBT Plus is setting a new trend. It is opening the doors for diversity and opportunity by reaching new demographics to provide modern options for future consumers. URBT Plus is devoted to showcasing the most exciting and top-notch live TV and video on demand programming for an international audience.

URBT Plus is attracting the interest of movie lovers from around the world. With its phenomenal digital streaming movie and television platform, the 34 year-old company is on the rise to compete with industry big shots.

URBT Plus believes that it is addressing the need to implement programming for a global audience to provide new opportunities and satisfaction to their audience. URBT Plus allows for streaming of hundreds of movie titles and high definition television networks. The new streaming platform appeals to multilingual and multicultural audiences, including Spanish, English, Japanese, and Arabic channels. URBT Plus is eager to put the “Punch” into how television is viewed around the world. 

The company is ushering in a new and exciting era in the television experience and investors should be eager to keep an eye out for its success. With Netflix stock currently trading up at about $470 per share and Amazon trading at about $2800 per share, now might be the best time to invest in this new streaming company. 

See what is coming to URBT Plus by clicking on the link https://urbtplus.net

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